Staind’s Aaron Lewis: No Conceivable Law Would Have Stopped Las Vegas Shooting Tragedy

On Oct. 1, the United States experienced yet another mass shooting that shook the world. A shooter opened fire on participants of the Route 91 Harvest c and w celebration in Las Vegas, eliminating almost 60 people and hurting numerous others. The ridiculous violence as soon as again raised the concept of whether the nation needs tighter laws concerning weapon control, something that regularly appears after disasters like this. Political leaders, people, celebs, artists and others from all strolls of life have weighed in on the issue and now Staind’s Aaron Lewis has shared his ideas.

Talking with CBS Philly (transcribed by Blabbernouth), Lewis revealed, “Well, there isn’t really a law on the books or that might have been on the books that would have stopped this terrible catastrophe from occurring and I am not of the belief that you penalize the masses because of the couple of pr law.” The vocalist’s viewpoint was that lawbreakers aren’t the ones pursuing legal means of acquiring weapons, implying that harsher legislation would be a “very domino effect.”.

” So, truly, all you’re making with more weapon laws are impeding the obedient people from securing themselves from the criminal that isn’t really going to go through all the obedient things to obtain that weapon,” he included marketing of legal services.

Since the Vegas shooting, the issue of whether the “bump stock” (used to speed up shooting) needs to be limited and even forbidden has developed. “Do I think that the ‘bump stock’ was an ignored thing? The bump-stock … I didn’t even know what the hell one was this taken place,” Lewis commented, going on to keep in mind, “That’s how few of them were out there; it wasn’t like this scourge that we had. Actually, how can you blame the actions of a human being on inanimate things that cannot do anything unless it’s in the hands of a person that opts to use it with bad objectives?”.

Repeating his position, the Staind frontman stated in summation, “When you include laws to weapon control, individuals that you are attempting to target aren’t the ones you are impacting because, once again, wrongdoers do not permit themselves to go through a complete FBI screening or any of the important things that I need to go through as a legal person of Massachusetts. I need to go through a complete FBI search and whatever else to have my all-lawful-purposes certify to bring a hidden weapon. And … it is a domino effect.”.

Aaron Lewis remains in the middle of a solo trip supporting his 2016 nation album Sinner and a list of stops can be found at his website. Previously this year, the vocalist’s 6th yearly charity golf competition was kept in Florence, Mass., which included a short Staind reunion as the band went through 3 hits throughout an acoustic repetition performance. Fans right away questioned if this signified that Staind was undoubtedly back, but Lewis rapidly stopped the reports mentioning that the Staind “exploring machine” will never ever exist once again.